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Register your organization among the beneficiaries of wegive.it.

It costs nothing and you do not need to do anything: just join the project.

The recipient organization, then, will be free to promote the use of wegive.it through its network of members and / or supporters in order to increase cash donations in its favor.

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Operation “Transparency”

Wegive.it goal is to ensure transparency at each donation.

To achieve this goal, we have focused our attention to the precise quantification of each donation in order to enable "users-time donors”, non-profit organizations as well as companies to check in real time how many donations have been made, in favor of whom and for which amount.

In view of this, we have created:

 - a general counter for the whole amount of all donations received (which everyone can check);

 - a special counter for the amount relevant to each user-donor (which only such user-donor can check);

 - a control panel for each non-profit organization, accessible through such non-profit organization reserved area;

 - a detailed report provided to advertising companies.

The whole amount displayed when each ad ends will be periodically paid to each beneficiary non-profit organization by bank transfer(*).

Here below is indicated how each non-profit organization can check, in its reserved area, the whole amount collected in its favor, the daily trend of donations in a given time frame (slide on the left hand side) as well as information about each donation (e.g. day, hour, country of origin, platform used and unit amount: slide on the right hand side).


The amount displayed indicates the value in euros of each donation, net of operating costs.

The amounts collected in favor of each non-profit organization will be transferred to each beneficiary non-profit organization as long as previously paid by the relevant advertising company.