1. How does the App cost?

It is free of costs.

2. Are the displayed spots always the same?

No, they will change over time.

3. Can I skip the ad or stop it during display?

No, otherwise the donation will not be made.

4. Have donations all the same value?

No, the amount of the donation varies depending on the type of the displayed spots (fixed image, short ad, interactive advertising) and on the time you spend viewing them. More time you give to the view of the spot, the higher the value of the donation.

5. Can I check the amount of my donations and the goals achieved?

Yes, you can do it in your reserved area.

6. I’m a charity. How can I become a beneficiary organization of wegive.it?

Go to the page Become a beneficiary charity.

7. I’d like to support wegive.it. How can I become a testimonial?

Go to the page Testimonial

8. How can I advertise through wegive.it?

Go to the page Companies

9. Which are the charities’ obligations?

There are no obligations upon charities. They are free to spend the money raised according to their institutional purposes.

10. Can charities check in real time the amount of money destined to them?

Yes, they can do that in their own reserved area.

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